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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Help needed

Ok I am technically challenged and need help. Everyone seems to be able to put a name in and when clicked can go to that persons blog or card they have created.
Question is HOW?

I need really really simple basic instructions, just imagine you are explaining to a 5 year old, no I am not joking I mean that, I am really really hopeless at techy stuff.
It is probably so simple that you will laugh at me being so slow to figure it out, but like everything in life when you know how it is easy but a mystery when you don't.

I have tried this:
I go to the blog swipe the name and go to copy.
I go to my blog add the blog addy by clicking paste and add the name of the person after the blog addy. Then I delete the blog addy leaving the name of the person only.
But, when I click onto the persons name all I get is OOPPS link broken.
So what am I doing wrong?

See I told you I need help can someone please sort me out?

RosieDees Challenge week 23

Here is my entry for the Challenge at RosieDees. This week we were to use watercolour paints and this is what I came up with. The whole butterfly is done in watercolour paints. I drew the butterfly first in pencil and coloured it in using water colour paints. I very carefully outlined it using a plastic toothpick and water colour paint from a tube. When it was dry I painted around the butterfly in yellow and finished it off using pearl sequins as a border to give it some sparkle.
This was quite a challenge as I am not an artist and using watercolour paints is something I do not do a lot except for backgrounds.

Crafty Pad Challenge 10

This is my take on the Challenge at Crafty Pad. We were to use a Faith stamp and follow the format specified.

I used the Faith face and added the hair, she is now 'Faith Butterfly Maiden'. The Butterflies are drawn and coloured using gel pens and the flowers are done with a white pen. The background is watercolour paints and the outline for the semi-circles is done with glitter glue. I placed the flower sequins on the top of the card to finish it off.

This was fun to make and I enjoyed this challenge.

Monday, 23 February 2009

2 Awards

Thank you Debbie for these what a lovely surprise I will now pass them onto others I cannot link the names as everything I do comes up with oops broken link.
Jeni Tree Hugger

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Monster Card

Ok this card was inspired by the card on Paper Craft Junkies site. It is a little different and was made for the fun of making it.

I don't have anyone to give it to as I don't have any children in the family, so if anyone likes it and wants it then first come first served as they say.

I made it for the fun of making a card, it filled in a couple of hours and I enjoyed making it. More for a birthday near to Halloween I suppose. A shy little monster who needs a home.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Cute Card Thursday Challenge
This week the challenge was to produce a card with the theme of Spring. So I rummaged around in my paper and pics that I have and found the picture Spring Joy. After that I wanted a mount that would suit the picture, so again I hunted for something suitable and found a lable that was just perfect. Then I placed the gold strips and flowers on the card in what I thought looked pleasing to the eye and my card Spring Joy was born.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 9

Challenge 9 involved using torn paper, ribbon and two brads.

I have not used torn paper before so this was something new for me. I chose some sparkling paper that I had to match the colour of the card, the ribbon is also a similar colour and the large flowers are have a sequin flower and flower brad to hold them in place. The face is a Faith stamp that I surrounded with leaves and flowers so she is looking through them. The flowers are sequins with a small sequin in the center to hide the hole and stuck on using contact glue. A Best Wishes topper was used to complete the card.

I enjoyed this as I was able to experiment with something new.

RosieDees Challenge week 22

Deanne's Challenge was to use beer mats or coasters this is my interpretation of the challenge.

I made the coasters myself from thick card they are 3inch in diameter. I cut some thick printed paper to cover them and used a Faith stamp, flowers and a card topper along with a string of silver butterflies and a Happy Birthday topper to complete the card.

This was fun to do and the card will be saved and used later on in the year as I have three birthdays in July to make cards for so this is one of them.

Friday, 13 February 2009

RosieDees Challenge

The Challenge was to use up some scraps. I had some scrap paper and small picture left over from another project along with some stick on ribbon and a small Thank You lable.
So this is what I made with them, it used up some bits that I had stashed away doing nothing. So now I have a card instead of bits in a box all thanks to the challenge.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Challenge 8 from Crafty Pad

This is my entry for Challenge 8 the theme was Love.

The background is made from eggshell that was crushed onto the card and coloured using an ink pad. I rubbed the ink so it was not too thick with a kitchen paper towel and used gold glitter glue to create the outline giving it a mosaic look. The silver heart is metal and was secured using contact glue and red glitter glue around the outside. I finished it off with the stick on ribbon and small flowers.
Inside I made a pocket and covered it with paper that has a heart design on it. I made an ATC card with contrasting heart design paper and used a heart stamp and a heart shaped brad and wording that is embossed.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

20 facts about me

I was tagged by Debbie with 20 Facts about me so here goes
1 - I was born in Lincoln and now live in Buckinghamshire
2 - I am overweight and shedding the pounds nicely.
3 - My fave books are Wuthering Heights, River God, Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Lorna Doone.
4 - I am a spiritual person but not religious.
5 - I love Nature.
6 - I love horses, cats, dogs, wolves.
7 - I love being a housewife.
8 - I will always help my friends and family.
9 - I love Dragons and Unicorns and all mythical creatures including Vampires and Werewolves
10 - I wear bifocal specs.
11 - I am the eldest of 2 and took over the care of the home at 11 years of age.
12 - I am a private person but willing to be friendly
13 - I was once in the RAF and loved it.
14 - I do not drive.
15- I am a very cautious person.
16 - I am very loyal friend.
17 - I don't like Clowns or anything to do with the Circus nor Arum Lillies they give me the creeps.
18 - I love life and sunny days at the seaside.
19 - I am easily hurt emotionally.
20 - I am a serious person but enjoy a laugh

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Embossed Card for Challenge 7

On Crafty Pad the Challenge is to add some embossing to your card. This is mine.

I chose to make an aperture card with an embossed flower on vellum. The other floral design is hand done using an embossing tool and coloured in with a gold gel pen on top of a chalked background. The background of the card is distress ink rubbed over the card back and front. The lace is paper stick on lace that I did not colour.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I Won on Crafty Pad Challenge

I cannot believe it I won the Crafty Pad Challenge with my Altered CD.

I have never won anything before so this is extra special to me and with my first ever Altered CD as well. Thank you so much I will really enjoy using my prize and will keep taking up the challenges as they are broadening my art and I am having great fun with it as well. You are amazing people and I love the cards you make. You have all inspired me to keep trying and experimenting.

Thank you.

Monday, 2 February 2009

My Aperture cards

On Papercraft Junkies there was a challenge to make an aperture card. So I gave it a go and this is the result.

I hand cut the apertures using a craft knife after carefully drawing the shape onto the card. Then I glued the paper background onto the card. I put the glue on the card first the placed the card onto the paper. When the glue was dry I turned the card over and cut the paper away from the aperture.
For the I Want You card I used a small picture of a poster that was placed behind the aperture. The cut out was placed in the corner and I used a stencil and drew hearts onto it using sparkling gel pens. The wording was stamped on and embossed.
For the heart I used a backing paper in the same way and used a daisy vellum paper for the aperture. The cut out heart was placed in the corner and a flower stamp was used and embossed with stencil drawn hearts in silver and embossed wording as before.
I kept the style simple as the I Want You card is for my husband. He hates fussy cards so I kept is simple. The other card is for me yes I know, I made my own card but my husband will write in it he is a wonderful man but romantic!!! no. Valentines Day is not his thing so I do the romantic bits and this year I have a card.
I love daisies so my Valentines card is a little different just like me LOL