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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 19

This week the challenge was to make a Gatefold card using our Favourite stamp.
hard one as I have more than one favourite stamp. I went with Crafty Pad Faith in the frame.

The background paper is blue with a random pattern on it allowing it to be easily used in the gatefold design, no matching up to do.
The ribbon is lilac as it is soft and feminine, the brads make it possible to close the card. I used the Faith stamp on some blue paper, the hat and shoe is also stamped on the same paper. I chose silver and bronze stamping inks around the edges on all three images.
The bow with the flowers contrasts with the liliac flower beneath the lable. I chose the parcel to represent shopping, the text Girly Girl is the theme of the card. I wanted it to be a feminine card that was fun . Inside I simply added the sentiment Happy Birthday.
I have never made a gatefold card before so this was a real challenge and fun to do.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dream Fantasy Card

This card is a little different I wanted to make a Fantasy card and came up with this. I used a brown script paper for the background and used a scrap of brown card to hold the dragon charm. The dragon paper lent itself nicely to the use my favourite Crafty Pad Faith stamp. The gold bars represent the Dragon's Treasure whilst the ribbon and bow add the finishing touch. I chose to use the text Dream so the card can be used for any occaision.
I love using this stamp and love fantasy and the two go well together. Finding new ways to us e the face is fun and seems to fit into a lot of themes.
Next is the Crafty Pad Challenge I have a few ideas for this and will add my card tomorrow.

RosieDees Challenge 32

The challenge was named Peel Offs and were to use a peel off in our card.
Peel offs are not something I use and only used them to decorate a page in a gardening journal a few years ago. I had a few left and decided to use one of them in this challenge. Getting a peel off to look part of the card was a real challenge and I came up with this card.
I used a green script paper that has honest, simple, pure and true printed on it. I then chose a paper with fairies and flowers on it and used a Delphinium flower peel off as it blended well with the paper. A soft green ribbon was used to frame the image and a fairy charm was added along with the text May your wishes come true.
Great fun to do and something that could be used to create a different look especially if the peel off blends well with the background paper.

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 57

The theme this week was Getting Edgy and we were to use torn paper or somthing similar to creat an interesting edge.
I chose to go with torn paper to create the effect and used a floral paper in shades of brown and beige. The ribon is a golden colour that lifts the card. I chose a soft yellow and beige paper as the long strip and tore all the edges, the pale square on the top blends well with the strip and the floral motif has an interesting scollped edge to it. The darker beige square blends well with the background paper and the bear is stamped on a pale cream paper. Tearing the edges of the image gives it a softer look and adds interest. I used three star shaped buttons in contrasting colours that go well with all the papers I used. The flower creates a new element that brightens the overall look as do the yellow flowers the bear is holding. The Text Get Well Soon also has an interesting shape to its edges.
Not having a sketch to work with adds to the challenge as you have to think of a layout for the card as well as how you will exicute the theme given to you.

Friday Sketchers Challenge 49

This week we were to use this sketch and create a card with it.
I decided to something a little different and not use a rubber stamp.
The background paper is a floral design in orange and green on a brown background. The second paper has elements of these colours and contrasted well with the background paper. The third paper draws out the green in both papers and the ribbon blends well with the background colours. I chose a dragonfly for the centre image and used peach roses to draw out the orange in the card. The buttons are green and orange as they blend well with overall effect. I chose Especialy for you as the text. This was a really good sketch to work with as there are so many variations that can be used with it.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bad week

To all of you who keep looking in a big Thank you from me.
The last week was not a good week I have been in a lot of pain so not done a lot of anything and making stuff has not been possible.I will be making cards this week though so watch this space.

'I'll be back' as Arnie says LOL.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 56

This week the title of the challenge was Floral Fantasy
I wanted to keep this simple as I wanted to create a Thank You card. I selected all the papers first as I wanted something bright and cheerful. A plain yellow paper was used for the background then I selected a floral paper that had red, yellow and blue flowers on a brown background. The next paper has random colours in it that contrast with the floral paper.
I used a blue and white ribbon and a blue paper to blend with the floral paper and draw out the blue flower on it. Next I chose a lable that had a flower design on it and used two large flowers in pale brown with a pink floral brad in the centre to contrast with the brown background on floral paper. The two flower gems add some sparkle to whole card. The sentitment Thank You sits in the top left of the card.
This was an interesting challenge as you have to find your layout something that is not always easy to do.

Friday Sketchers Challenge 58

This week were were to use the sketch provided so I came up with this card.
I chose a green paisley background paper then selected a contrasting paper with scroll work on it. The next paper has similar colours to the main background paper and the strip also contains similar colours contrasting well with all three papers. The image was printed on a paler green paper and the hair was coloured using a bronze ink pad, I also used the same ink pad to colour around the edges of the oval. Two yellow roses help to brighten the card and draw the eye to the image. The sentiment adds the finishing touch.
This challenge was fun to do and the sketch interesting.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Art and Craft Suppliers

We all need supplies for our art and crafts and in this climate of price increases we all need supplies that will not break the bank.

I have added a list of sites I use for some of my supplies, all take postal orders which is a big bonus for me, along with credit cards.

I have used these sites before and they have proven reliable and helpful. So I have added them to my list of sites that I am happy to use.

I always look in the clearance, slaes or bargains sections it is amazing what can find and at really low prices.

The Fruit Pixie offers a £1 shop and even has some papers at 10pence now that can't be bad. I have ordered from here and really happy with what I have had from them.

The Card Making Crafts has a lot of beautiful toppers and emeblishments in their Special offers. I have bought some recently and they are really nice.

Thats Crafty has some lovely cats eye ink pads and not too expensive either so you can afford to get more of them.

Tanda Stamps has some wonderful stamps mounted and unmounted and all are really nice to use.

So I thought I would pass on the sites I have used and have found reliable in the hopes that it may help with cost cutting in this economic climate.

I cannot of course guarentee what your experience will be with these sites if you choose to use them all I can do is tell you my experience of them.
You can find the site links in the section on the left in Art and Craft Supplies

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

RosieDees Challenge 30

The challenge this week was the theme Blossoms.
The first thing I did was decide on a layout for the card and then the papers I was going to use.
I wanted something fresh and Spring like so chose a pastel floral paper as the main background. Then I chose a stripped paper that reflected the colours in the background and picked one of those colours for the second paper, a plain purple paper. ( try saying that quickly LOL)
Then I used the same paper as the backround for the third paper to marry the whole card together. Staggering the three papers adds interest and gives depth to the card.
The butterfly helps draw the eye to the large bloom in top left and gives the card a spring like feel to it. The purple ribbon helps frame the card and the flower whilst the Birthday Wishes set to cover all three of the staggered papers adds the finishing touch.
I liked this challenge again a simple theme that really makes you think on how to exicute it so it looks fresh and hopefully interesting.

Friday Sketchers Challenge 47

Friday Sketchers challenge this week was to follow the sketch and this is my card using the sketch provided.
I wanted to do something a little different and chose to use an air balloon stamp.
The background is a mottled blue paper with a stripped blue ribbon. The oval mount is made from a script paper with wording that reflects the air ballon theme, calm, peace, tranquility, serenity. The scroll effect is a stamp that helps frame the oval shape. Three frosted beads help to knit the colours together. The air ballons are printed on some blue card, I used a silver ink pad on the edges and placed two blue stars to reflect the star in the image. This was a nice sketch to use and the simplicty makes it a challenge to give the card depth.

I Won on Crafty Pad Challenge 16

I would like to say a big thank you for the lovely chalks and flowers that I won on Crafty Pad. I will have great fun using them and look forward to trying the chalks.
I love making the cards and trying out new ideas so the challenges are really lovely to do.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 17

Challenge 17 was to use the sketch and this is my take on the theme.
I used a bright blue background with a red to contrast with the floral paper I used for the oval shape. The second oval shape forms the face of the Faith Face stamp I used. The flowers are part of her hair and the colours blend with floral design on the paper.
The strip contrasts well with the floral paper and the pink metalic embelishments brighten the strip. I chose a ribbon that blends well with the colours on the paper and the sentiment Birthday Wishes finishes the card off.

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 55

Challenge 55 was to use Pink and Brown so this was my take on the theme.
I used a floral background that contains pink and brown with accents of yellow to lighten things up. Pink ribbon was used down the left handside with a strip of brown card as a contrast, The bear print is a stamp I have and was printed on light brown card. The flowers were coloured in pink and the large flower brings all the pinks together. The sentiment Happy Birthday bring the finishing touch to the card.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Health Problems

I just wanted to let all my followers know that I am experiencing some health problems at the moment. I am waiting on a biopsy result and an appointment in May to determine exactly what they will do to remedy things. I have a severe prolapse that is causing a lot of pain.

So far all tests have been good and I am hoping the biopsy will prove just as good. I will need an operation to rectify things though and will find out exactly what later on in May.

I will be making more cards and adding them to my blog, I may be a little slower but I will keep doing things. I will be back and will be making cards and entering challenges I am not one to sit around doing nothing.

So please keep looking in and I promise to keep making the cards. I appreciate all the comments and the fact the people look in on my blog.

Keep watching this space

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 16

The challenge was to follow the sketch and use a Crafty Pad image so this is my take on the challenge.
I chose colours that complimented each other in soft greens and yellows. The background paper is a check with script. I placed a script paper over this and chose a floral paper for the diamond shape. The soft green and yellow paper was next as it blended well with script paper. I used Faith in a frame omitting the frame as the image and drew in the flowers in her hair to compliment the floral paper, along with a floral stamp in the corners. A green ribbon was placed along the bottom of the card and gold bars with gold hearts were placed along the right hand side and under the image. The sentiment Especially for You finished off the card.
This was a good challenge as it added a lot of elements making it interesting to create a card that is balanced.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 54

This week we were to use citrus colours anything bright from pink to lime so this is what I came up with.
The background is a plain bright pink I then placed a patterned ribbon down the side. The two patterned papers were chosen as they contained all the colours needed. I chose a plain piece of lime green card to use as the contrast and placed the flower on the top. The centre of the flower is embossing flock the sentiment was placed top left as a finishing touch.
This was a bit more of a challenge as I do not have a lot of these colours so I kept it simple the overall effect is colourful and I will try to this more often on some of my cards.