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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Xmas gifts 2009

Whilst I was in Texas visiting friends who were kind enough to pay for our tickets to get there I went to a wonderful store called Hobby Lobby.
They have a huge range of crafting stuff, I found these little bags and just had to have them as I knew I could make something from them.
I set to work when I got home started stitching. I made four very diferent bags for friends and placed some chocolate into each bag as a Christmas present.
I tried to choose things that each person liked and used colours that would compliment each bag.
I added some extra embelishments to finish off each project and to make it personal.
I wish I had bought more of them they are so useful and make lovely little gifts. I am hoping to find some like them in England but no luck so far.

Cross Stitch Cushion

I made this little cushion by hand I also made the filler for it as well. The design was a kit and I loved making it. I have never made anything like this before. The chairs were the hardest part as they are a little fiddly but I think it turned out ok in the end.
I saved the chart and may do it again later on, only problem is I will not have the same colours unless I send off for them.
The cushion was made from fabric I had left over from covering a chair seat ages ago. I don't have a sewing machine so I hand stitch everything I make. It takes longer to do things but it keeps me busy.

Back online at home

At last I am back on line at home so I can get back to doing all the things I love.
It has been far too long and I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon.
Lots going at here we are to get new windows installed on the 7th December. The Council has finally been able to put some money into the kitty and get the much needed repairs and stuff done. The window frames we have at present are wooden and rotten to the point they are unsafe. So the new windows will be really welcomed. No more nasty drafts plus I will be able to open windows again. One has been sealed to stop the drafts and to make it safer.
Well I want to get some pics added to my blog so I will do that now I hope everyone will soon be back and seeing what I have been doing.

Friday, 10 July 2009

I Won Blog Candy

I am so happy I won some blog candy on Cazzys Blog yippeee I love it.
A big thank you to Cazzy for the candy I got some lovely wording to use on my cards etc.
I will be sorting some out to use on a birthday card that I will, be making for my brothers girlfriend. If I can I will get a picof it posted up its a bit fiddly now as I have to use the scanner at the library and they only have one and if that computer is in use I have to wait and that can take ages sometimes.
Still I can tell you all about it and post a pic of it as and when I can.

Monday, 6 July 2009

No Computer at Home

Well we have a few problems at home the main one being no computer it sort of blew up. It is going to be very expensive to repair so we are using the computers in the library.
The result is I will be finding a new way to get pictures loaded up so I can use them.
We will be saving up for a lap top as it will take up less space and hopefully be easier for us as well.
So I will be around and I will be posting about what I am making ad fingers crossed adding pics as well. The library has one computer that has a scanner but that computer is often in use so it makes it hard to use it.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Bird House X stitch

This birdhouse kit was a little awkward. The reason being the pattern is too big for the frame. It is supposed to have a bird sitting on the roof. Put the bird on the roof and the whole thing looks silly as the bird is far too large.
So I made an alteration so it would fit the frame provided in the kit. I omitted the bird and added more flowers on the right hand side so they go around the bird house.
This is not the first time this has happened and I am very careful about counting the stitches to make sure I am getting it right. I have written to the makers and will see what they say about it. The last time I did not bother but as it has happened again and from the same supplier I will have a little moan about it.
The end result looks pretty though but that is not the point the pattern is wrong and should have been spotted or a larger frame provided.

Fushia Key Fob

This is a small cross stitch project that I did for a friend who is going to celebrate her 10th Wedding Anniversary. She loves flowers and I thought this would be something a little different.
Cross stitch is something that I had not tried until a year ago and decided to give it a go. I started off with a small kit that I found for 50pence. I found I liked it and got more and began making things for friends as gifts. I usually make something small as I like being able to complete something in a couple of days.
This was a kit, you get everything you need and all you have to do is follow the instructions. It is a nice way of giving something personal and something that you have made. Cross stitching is easy to do and the effects are pretty as well.
I want to get some magazines with patterns so I can make some things for cards as well. I can sit and do that whilst recovering from my operation in August.