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Monday, 15 June 2009

Bird House X stitch

This birdhouse kit was a little awkward. The reason being the pattern is too big for the frame. It is supposed to have a bird sitting on the roof. Put the bird on the roof and the whole thing looks silly as the bird is far too large.
So I made an alteration so it would fit the frame provided in the kit. I omitted the bird and added more flowers on the right hand side so they go around the bird house.
This is not the first time this has happened and I am very careful about counting the stitches to make sure I am getting it right. I have written to the makers and will see what they say about it. The last time I did not bother but as it has happened again and from the same supplier I will have a little moan about it.
The end result looks pretty though but that is not the point the pattern is wrong and should have been spotted or a larger frame provided.


  1. thats lovely paula, birdhouses are very 'in' at the moment arent they x

  2. I love cross stitch but just haven't done any for ages! That is so pretty Paula.

  3. Its lovely Paula, the extra flowers work perfectly. I don't blame you contacting the supplier, the work should fit the frame without you having to alter it.