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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 15

The theme for the challenge was Spring so soft colours with the promise of warm days to come.
I chose Faith Face and wanted to something a little different so it is titled 'Faith in the Clouds'.
First I chose the main background paper a deep blue with varting shades of blue in it. Then I chose a pale blue to contrast with it. The script paper was next as the sentiments fit in well with the theme. I used artist chalk to colour some watercolour paper in pale blue. I used some blue stamp ink for the face and then created the clouds. I did this by tearing paper and then using chalk over the torn edges. (I learnt this on Papercraft Junkies site.)
I used different shades of blue for the clouds and used some torn paper that has swirls over it to frame the image. A sequin butterfly offers the promise of Summer as do the leaves in the top right, whilst the flower is in the soft pink of Spring blossoms.
The sentiment of Thank You was created on word using art words.

Friday, 27 March 2009

CuteCard Thursday Challenge 53

This week we were to make a card for a Family member and I chose to make my husbands
birthday card even though his birthday is in July.
Being a fan of the Beatles I made him a card with that as the theme. First I chose the background paper that contains the colours of the picture I wanted to use. Then I printed off the picture I had on my computer of Abbey Road and the Beatles as the main picture to work with. Then I chose the music scroll and the circular picture of Abbey Road. The Abbey Road NW8 is a topper I had already. I chose a blue ribbon with stars on it to add interest and the guitar charm works well with the overall theme. I continued the blue clolouring with the Happy Birthday in the bottom left corner.
So this is my card I will have to make sure he does not see it until July 2nd.

RosieDees Challenge 27

The recipe this week was Neutrals and Naturals
So this is what I came up with. First I chose the papers I wanted to use and then decided how to put them together.
The background is a script paper and the ribbon gives a soft contrast to background paper.
I chose a daisy paper as the main image with a neutral strip behind it. I used some torn paper that I had scrunched up and used distress in on to add interest. The flower is a material with sequins in the centre. The Lable adds the contrast to the neutral and natural colouring with the text of Thank You on it.
It is interesting working with a colour as you can vary the colouring withing that particular colour.

Monday, 23 March 2009


I am offering this Candy I draw the Lucky winner April 1st. No its not an April Fool I will draw the winner on the 1st. So please leave a comment and link to your blog and I will be sending someone their Candy soon.

THE WINNER IS ........................ 'BUBBLEGUM' ........ well done I will get them in the post asap.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Anniversary Cards

I go to the post office every Thursday and often served by the same person. She knows that I make cards and Artist Trading Cards and asked me to make her a 1st Wedding Anniversary card for a friend of hers.
I could make anything I liked and agreed to make her one.

So once I got home again I decided to make a start on it and ended up making two so she has a choice.

The top card has corrigated paper as the background with a script paper then some cream floral papers as mounts. A patterned heart was embossed on some cream card along with an embossed stamp of two Champagne flutes. A small rose in top right corner adds a romantic touch. I added Bronze ink around the edges to give the wording and embelishments and image a richer tone.

The second card has a diferent look as I used a yellow mottled paper as the background with a parment coloured ribbon and paper. The Marriage Stamp is the main image whilst the other embelishments add to the general meaning of the words. The rings on the bottom left are linked and the two glasses circled with hearts create a clebratory feel to the card. The flower top right adds a finishing touch whilst the hearts reflect the sentiment of the wording.

Now all that needs to be done is for the person to choose which one she wants.

Altered Canvas

On Papercraft Junkies we had a forum Challenge to alter a canvas so I just had to have a go.
The person I made it for loves faces and hearts so I combined the two. I used a rich maroon paper background and used torn paper in a deep rose colour and printed the stamped face onto a some paper that I rubbed distress ink over. The little rolls top and bottom are made from rolled up paper to create interest and the hearts are brads. The flowers frame the face and are held on with the flower brads in the centre. I put ribbon around the edges of the canvas to finish it off and placed a hanging thing on the back so it can be hung up.I sealed the paper with PVA glaze and allowed that to dry them coated it with clear nail polish. I let that dry whilst I did the face and coated that with nail polish as well.
The whole thing seemed to go together well it is really enjopyable making something that can be used to hang on a wall. It is now winging its way to Israel to it new home and owner.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 13

This is the temlate for Challenge 13 an interesting layout and one that I enjoyed using.
I chose a Paisley paper for the background with green and yellow in the design. I then used a corner stamp on some paper that I coloured green using shadow ink. The image is Faith in a frame but I omitted the frame. Using some gold stick on border ribbon I placed the image over it. The wording Just for You is stamped onto paper that corresponds to the paper used for the image.
The basket of flowers adds a softer look and the flower in the corner of the image draws your eye to it. Three small flowers are stamped under the basket and the little dragonfly filled the space perfectly under the wording.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Friday Sketchers Challenge 43

This week the template was simpler but still a challenge.
I first decided which background paper I wanted to use and chose a rich floral pattern. Then I chose the contrasting colours for the squares. The image of the face lent itself well to the card, I did not colour her in as I thought it would detract from the overall look I was going for. The flowers in the bottom right hand corner and the circular design help give the finishing touches. I added the red heart and went around the square with glitter glue in the same colour. The wording is I LoveYou on the little tag. I thought this card could be for an Anniversary, Birthday orany occasion where someone wanted to say I Love You to their partner.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 51

This week we were to follow the template and make a card with these elements for a celebration.
This is my take on the sketch provided.
I selected the background paper to compliment the lable I had then sorted out the other paper to contrast with it. I wanted to keep the lines clean and fresh looking so went with adding a few embelishments like the hearts and the flower. I drew around the outline in glitter pen to add some sparkle. I chose to make a Birthday card with the wording Have a Wonderful Birthday for someone special.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Crafty Pad Challenge 12

This is take 2 and this time I got all the elements well I hope I have. Crafty Pad Image, circle, flower, ribbon and charm.
First I selected the paper for the background, cream with a floral pattern. Then I used torn script paper and some music paper that I srunched up and used distress ink on it to give it an aged look. The circle was used to frame Faith in a frame stamp. I used some paper as a boder along the right and bottom of the card. I used a piano charm and hung it on the ribbon on the left, the fklower helps to soften the look and the butterfly helps with this as well.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Card

This was for the Crafty Pad Challenge 12 but will not be allowed as I did a silly thing.

OOPS I had forgotten an ingredient the Crafty pad stamp silly me oh well never mind I enjoyed making the card and will make sure I read everything properly next time.

This week we were to use a flower, circle, charm, ribbon and anything else. So this is what I came up with. The background is shiny and two toned paper, I used some torn paper to mount the image on with tiny butterflies on it. The flower image was one I used from my computer and used shaped scissors to cut them out giving them a softer look. I staggered the iamages as they lent themselves to this rather than anything else. The ribbon was placed on the left with the butterfly charm attached to it. The circle was placed in the top right and I made the quilled butterfly to go on the top.

I have managed to use some of the things I have learnt from other challenges.

Rosie-Dees Challenge 25

This was a lovely challenge and one that I thought I could not do as it was for Mothers Day and I no longer have a Mother around. So I was really pleased to see I could make a card for a female friend instead. This then is my card for my friend who lives in Texas and has always been there for me.
I used a script patterned paper and added some torn paper that I had scrunched up I then rubbed distress ink pads over the paper. The daisy iamge is one I had on the computer and used it is staggered in a sort of pyramage. The flowers in the corners have buttons in the he centre and the Just for You stamp was used with Walnut distress ink so it blends with the colours of the card in general.

Friday Sketchers Challenge 42

The template was a little more complex this week and interesting to execute as well.
I used a mottled green paper for the background and used an image I had on the computer of the pyramage. On the left I used three different strips of green paper and a red circle to draw the eye to the central image and to pick out the red flowers. A pink flower in the corner helps to draw out the pink tones in the image. The scroll work I stamped on help finish the right side of the off and Birthday Wishes fitted in perfectly under the image.
This was very interesting to do and has given me a few ideas to work with.

Cute Card Thursday Challenge

Food and Drink was the theme this week so this is my take on it
I went with a Teatime theme and drew the teapot and made the tiny cup cakes. The background is a paper I had that sort of reminds me of Wedgewood. I placed ribbon and paper on the left hand side and mounted the teapot and cakes on a light blue paper that has wording on it. I then did something a little different by adding a pocket on the inside for a tea bag and maybe a recipe card to go into it for the person to have a cup of tea and a cake.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Sassy Designs Blog Candy

Follow the link and you will find wonderful blog candy plus some lovely cards to inspire you

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

RosieDees Challenge week 24

This week we were to use Pink so this is my take on the colour pink. Pink is feminine and soft and can be elegant as well if done tastefully. I used a Lilac pink background with a picture I had stashed away that fitted the theme well. The face added the feminine touch and the flowers finished off the look. I used a lilac ribbon to enhance the pink giving it a warmer tone.

Pyramage card

This is something I have never tried before but liked the look of. A member on Papercraft Junkies did this in a thread and I just had to have a go at it. I love the idea and the effect is really different to anything I have made before. This tutorial explains what you do.

Even I can follow the instructions LOL

I made mine using a picture I had on my computer. I opened Microsoft word and went to add iamge and added the image several times making each one a little smaller that the last. I used photograph paper to print it on. Then it was case of carefully cutting them out and following the instructions in the tutorial. The background paper was some paper I had that I thought offset the picture.

This card is destined for someone who loves fairies.


Quilling is fiddly but fun to do. I got some quilling paper and tool from DeezKatz on Papercraft Junkies. I have never done this before and just had to have a go. I made the butterfly and flower to my own design. I am going to have a go at making other shapes as well and have found a site that ofers a few ideas with pictures. I am hopeless at instructions so a picture helps enormously. This is the site I have found

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Friday Sketchers Challenge 41

This was the sketch we were to work with for Challenge 41

This is my card. I chose a background paper that complimented the card I was using and went with a stamp that I thought would go with the background. The flower, ribbon and embossed hearts completed the look .
This was fun to do and made me realise I could use simple things to create a new card.

Crafty Pad Challenge 11

This time the Challenge was to use something with a Twist so I chose to go with a twisted ribbon and hung three charms on it. The background paper also has a twisted pattern to it in keeping with the theme. I chose Faith in a frame and the hat as it went with the charms. I used a large lable that has colours that complimented the paper and a large flower with similar colours to finish it off.
Again a good challenge that was fun to do.