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Monday, 26 January 2009

How to make a Bookmark book

Bookmark Book Tutorial

These books are easy to make and fun to give as gifts.
You will need these for the book:

2 Rulers one to measure with and one metal ruler to act as a straight edge to cut and score along.
Craft knife
Embossing tool or similar to score with
A4 size thin card
Patterned paper
Thicker card
For the bookmarks you will need:
Paper, stamps or collage items
Hole punch

First decide on the size of your bookmarks this will determine the size of the book. For this I am making a mini bookmark book that will be 4 inches, mini bookmarks measure 1.5 inches x 3.5 inches.
1) Measure and cut the A4 size thin card adding an extra inch. So you will be measuring 5 inches

2) Now measure and mark one inch from the bottom and using the metal ruler score along with the embossing tool. Fold along the scored line.

3) Flatten out and fold in half

4) Open out and fold the left hand side towards the middle.

Repeat with the right hand side.

5) Open out and fold the one inch scored piece up and secure each end with glue or double sided tape this forms the inside pocket.

6) Now fold the card like a concertina this forms the book. You will now be making the covers.

7) Measure the height and width of the book and cut a piece of thicker card according to those measurements. You are measuring the front left and back right sections only this is the flat part of the concertina book.

8) Spread glue over one side of one piece of card and place onto the back of the patterned paper repeat with the second piece, it will look like this.

You need plenty of space around the cards as you will need it in order to mitre the corners.

9) Cut the pieces out like this

10) Mitre the corners so they look like this

11) Fold each side over and glue down so it looks like this

12) Take one piece of covered card and either glue or use double sided tape to secure to the left hand side of the book this will be the front cover of the book.

13) Now place a length of ribbon to the centre of the back of the right hand side of the book like this going width wise.
I coloured in part of the ribbon so it would show up this will be used to tie the book so it will close.

Now add the second piece of covered card as you did the front cover. Tie the ribbon to the front to keep the book closed like this

This is the book completed. You can now embellish the front of the book as you wish.

All you need to do now is make the bookmarks and insert them into the pockets. You can decorate the inside of the book as well if you want to.
I hope that will try making these as they are easy to do and make lovely little gifts for anyone who loves reading.
Paula aka Wulfcwen


  1. Great tutorial Paula - looks very easy to follow too..well done and thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Thanks Paula, nice instructions.

  3. Very nice tutorial, I'd really like to have a go at making this! I've added it to my list of things to do x

  4. thats a great tutorial paula, one for the list of to do's :) x

  5. Me again Paula. In answer to your question on my blog, a download is usually a group of images you can buy from an online shop. If you go to the blinkie on my blog that says "charmed cards download Dottie and George" you will see what I mean. You can pay £6 or thereabouts and get a whole bunch of images. The girl about town image I used is part of a download. Check out Dotties World too xxx

  6. Thank you Lea I will take a look and see what I can do.

  7. thankyou for your great tutorial fab bookmark