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Monday, 2 February 2009

My Aperture cards

On Papercraft Junkies there was a challenge to make an aperture card. So I gave it a go and this is the result.

I hand cut the apertures using a craft knife after carefully drawing the shape onto the card. Then I glued the paper background onto the card. I put the glue on the card first the placed the card onto the paper. When the glue was dry I turned the card over and cut the paper away from the aperture.
For the I Want You card I used a small picture of a poster that was placed behind the aperture. The cut out was placed in the corner and I used a stencil and drew hearts onto it using sparkling gel pens. The wording was stamped on and embossed.
For the heart I used a backing paper in the same way and used a daisy vellum paper for the aperture. The cut out heart was placed in the corner and a flower stamp was used and embossed with stencil drawn hearts in silver and embossed wording as before.
I kept the style simple as the I Want You card is for my husband. He hates fussy cards so I kept is simple. The other card is for me yes I know, I made my own card but my husband will write in it he is a wonderful man but romantic!!! no. Valentines Day is not his thing so I do the romantic bits and this year I have a card.
I love daisies so my Valentines card is a little different just like me LOL


  1. They are both very cute but I especially like the Daisy one. I'm just a sucker for flowers.

  2. Fab aperture cards Paula - cut out perfectly too. :) The one for your hjubby is perfect for the non lovey dovey and Daisy's well just beautiful..:)