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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

20 facts about me

I was tagged by Debbie with 20 Facts about me so here goes
1 - I was born in Lincoln and now live in Buckinghamshire
2 - I am overweight and shedding the pounds nicely.
3 - My fave books are Wuthering Heights, River God, Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Lorna Doone.
4 - I am a spiritual person but not religious.
5 - I love Nature.
6 - I love horses, cats, dogs, wolves.
7 - I love being a housewife.
8 - I will always help my friends and family.
9 - I love Dragons and Unicorns and all mythical creatures including Vampires and Werewolves
10 - I wear bifocal specs.
11 - I am the eldest of 2 and took over the care of the home at 11 years of age.
12 - I am a private person but willing to be friendly
13 - I was once in the RAF and loved it.
14 - I do not drive.
15- I am a very cautious person.
16 - I am very loyal friend.
17 - I don't like Clowns or anything to do with the Circus nor Arum Lillies they give me the creeps.
18 - I love life and sunny days at the seaside.
19 - I am easily hurt emotionally.
20 - I am a serious person but enjoy a laugh


  1. Oooh some nice interesting things about you there Paula - it is great to find out things about each other...:) Thanks for playing along. :)


  2. Interesting read.......... I can relate to some of these, #4 particularly.

    How sad that you were only 11 and had so much responsibility.

    Dee X