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Friday, 12 June 2009

Lots to do

Time has flown by and I seem to have been busy making all sorts of things. I made the altered art tin in the picture and the jars as well.
The jars were part of a Challenge on Quirky Crafts. I painted the glass free hand and the tin as well. Not the greatest art work in the world but they look effective. One jar is for incense sticks the other for candles. I used acrylic paint on both jars.
The tin:
I used a slimfast tin and painted it with about three layers of gesso allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. I used some stamping ink pads to add colour ( pink and blue), I then started on the tree and used acrylic paint along with Sharpie pens. The grass and flowers were last to be painted. The lid can be used either on the bottom of the tin or as a lid. I use it to store some of my arty bits in it looks nicer than a plain slimfast tin.
I have also been making some cross stitch items as gifts for people so not a lot of time for making cards. When I have posted the items off I will add pics of what I have made, that way no one see anything before I want them to.

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  1. These are lovely Paula, I do admire you painting freehand! I'm currently painting some outside tea light holders but I cheat and use outline stickers for my images lol!