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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Anniversary Cards

I go to the post office every Thursday and often served by the same person. She knows that I make cards and Artist Trading Cards and asked me to make her a 1st Wedding Anniversary card for a friend of hers.
I could make anything I liked and agreed to make her one.

So once I got home again I decided to make a start on it and ended up making two so she has a choice.

The top card has corrigated paper as the background with a script paper then some cream floral papers as mounts. A patterned heart was embossed on some cream card along with an embossed stamp of two Champagne flutes. A small rose in top right corner adds a romantic touch. I added Bronze ink around the edges to give the wording and embelishments and image a richer tone.

The second card has a diferent look as I used a yellow mottled paper as the background with a parment coloured ribbon and paper. The Marriage Stamp is the main image whilst the other embelishments add to the general meaning of the words. The rings on the bottom left are linked and the two glasses circled with hearts create a clebratory feel to the card. The flower top right adds a finishing touch whilst the hearts reflect the sentiment of the wording.

Now all that needs to be done is for the person to choose which one she wants.


  1. They are both lovely Paula, I would choose the first one as I like it the best.

    Cazzy x

  2. Hard choice to make but i also were drawn to the first card too...but both are lovely.
    sue x

  3. They are both great cards and it will be a hard choice.... which one did she choose?

    Dee X