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Friday, 17 April 2009

Art and Craft Suppliers

We all need supplies for our art and crafts and in this climate of price increases we all need supplies that will not break the bank.

I have added a list of sites I use for some of my supplies, all take postal orders which is a big bonus for me, along with credit cards.

I have used these sites before and they have proven reliable and helpful. So I have added them to my list of sites that I am happy to use.

I always look in the clearance, slaes or bargains sections it is amazing what can find and at really low prices.

The Fruit Pixie offers a £1 shop and even has some papers at 10pence now that can't be bad. I have ordered from here and really happy with what I have had from them.

The Card Making Crafts has a lot of beautiful toppers and emeblishments in their Special offers. I have bought some recently and they are really nice.

Thats Crafty has some lovely cats eye ink pads and not too expensive either so you can afford to get more of them.

Tanda Stamps has some wonderful stamps mounted and unmounted and all are really nice to use.

So I thought I would pass on the sites I have used and have found reliable in the hopes that it may help with cost cutting in this economic climate.

I cannot of course guarentee what your experience will be with these sites if you choose to use them all I can do is tell you my experience of them.
You can find the site links in the section on the left in Art and Craft Supplies

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